New Integrated Raman and Hyperspectral Microscopy


CytoViva Enhanced Darkfield Hyperspectral Microscopy

At CytoViva, we believe that every nano-research laboratory should have a fast and easy way to observe and characterize their samples. With our Enhanced Darkfield Hyperspectral Microscopy, we are making this a reality.

CytoViva’s patented enhanced darkfield hyperspectral microscopy enables optical observation and spectral characterization of a wide range of nanomaterials as they interact with both biological and materials-based matrixes. No labeling or other special sample preparation is required.

Today, hundreds of labs involved in nanomaterials synthesis, nano-drug delivery, nano-toxicology and related research use CytoViva’s technology.

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CytoViva’s patented enhanced darkfield microscope optics provide a ten times (10x) improvement in signal-to-noise for nanoparticle detection over standard darkfield optics.1  With these optics, nanoparticles as small as 10nm-20nm in diameter can be observed.2

When hyperspectral imaging is integrated onto the enhanced darkfield microscope, an image containing the full VNIR (400 – 1,000 nm) or SWIR (900 – 1,700 nm) spectral response in every single nanoscale pixel is captured. This hyperspectral image makes it easy to spectrally characterize individual nanoparticles across the entire sample and spectrally map these nanoparticles in a wide range of biological or materials matrixes.

CytoViva Publications

CytoViva technology is providing nanomaterials scientists with a distinct advantage in their research, while enhancing the quality of their published results. Click on the link below to see peer-reviewed publications that feature images and data captured with CytoViva system.


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1 Zhang, P., Park, S. and Kang, S. H. (2015), Microchip Electrophoresis with Enhanced Dark-Field Illumination Detection for Fast Separation of Native Single Super-Paramagnetic Nanoparticles. Bull. Korean Chem. Soc., 36: 1172–1177.

2 Chaudhari, K., & Pradeep, T. (2014). Spatiotemporal mapping of three dimensional rotational dynamics of single ultrasmall gold nanorods. Scientific Reports, 4, 5948.