Example Images and Data

Below you will find example images and data captured using CytoViva’s Enhanced Darkfield Hyperspectral Microscopy.¬† Please Contact Us for additional examples and information.


AuNP Exposed and Control Cancer CellsAuNP Exposed and Control Cancer Cells

AuNP Exposed and Control Cancer Cells

AuNPs in SolutionAuNPs in Solution

AuNPs in Solution

AuNPs in Live Cell CultureAuNPs in Live Cell Culture

AuNPs in Live Cell Culture


Dispersed and Non-Dispersed AgNPDispersed and Non-Dispersed AgNP

AgNPs Dispersed and Non Dispersed

Coated and Uncoated AuNPsCoated and Uncoated AuNPs

PEG Coated AuNPs and Bare AuNPs Comparison

CytoViva vs Standard Darkfield comparisonCytoViva vs Standard Darkfield comparison

CytoViva vs Standard Darkfield

Daphnia with Internalized CeO2Daphnia with Internalized CeO2

Daphnia with Internalized CeO2 NPs

TiO2 in XenopusTiO2 in Xenopus

TiO2 in Xenopus Whole Animal

ZnO in Unstained Liver TissueZnO in Unstained Liver Tissue

ZnO in Unstained Liver Tissue

Carbon fibers with and without CNTsCarbon fibers with and without CNTs

Carbon Fibers with and without CNTs

CNTs in Unstained Lung TissueCNTs in Unstained Lung Tissue

CNTs in Unstained Lung Tissue

MWCNTs Dispersed in Thin FilmsMWCNTs Dispersed in Thin Films

MWCNTs Dispersed in Thin Film

Spore CharacterizationSpore Characterization

Spore Characterization

Live Intracellular RickettsiaLive Intracellular Rickettsia

Live Intracellular Rickettsia


Bacteria Phage Attached to Live StaphylococcusBacteria Phage Attached to Live Staphylococcus

Bacteria Phage attached to Live Staphylococcus