At CytoViva, we help researchers and industry solve critical problems down to the nanoscale with enhanced darkfield optical microscopy and hyperspectral imaging technology.

CytoViva’s patented enhanced darkfield microscopy optics are the technology upon which the company was founded in 2004. These darkfield microscopy optics are unmatched for enabling optical observation of nanoscale samples.

With the addition of hyperspectral microscopy in 2008, CytoViva customers can spectrally analyze nanoscale sample elements imaged on the microscope. Hyperspectral microscopy is unique in its ability to capture the optical spectral response in every pixel of the sample image, enabling spectral mapping and other analysis of different elements within a sample. This can include fluorescent, plasmonic or other light scattering materials as well as unlabeled biological samples.

CytoViva now provides its darkfield and hyperspectral microscopy with HORIBA Scientific’s XploRA Raman system. These technologies are integrated on a single microscope platform, enabling unmatched sample analysis with both optical spectroscopy and molecular spectral confirmation down to the nanoscale.

Please review our Applications pages to learn how CytoViva technology is being used by researchers and industry around the world.


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