The Team

Samuel M. Lawrence, Chief Executive Officer - CytoViva, Inc.

Samuel M. Lawrence

Chief Executive Officer

Samuel M. Lawrence is the chief executive officer and co-founder of CytoViva, Inc. Mr. Lawrence led the development of the core, patented optical illumination technology which is the foundation for CytoViva’s products. He continues to lead all product development efforts as well as actively support the company’s sales efforts both domestically and internationally. Mr. Lawrence is also the CEO of Aetos Technologies, Inc., a technology development company located in Auburn, AL.

Prior to CytoViva, Mr. Lawrence was a director at Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Seattle, WA where he led Supply Chain Transformation for the 737/757 Programs and was factory manager of the Interiors Responsibility Center. Prior to Boeing, Mr. Lawrence worked with Deloitte & Touche, LLC as a management consultant. Mr. Lawrence began his career in 1986 as an engineer on the Boeing Commercial Airplanes Aerodynamics staff after graduating from Mississippi State University with a bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering. He is co-inventor on two U.S. patents for his work on innovative insulation materials for commercial airplanes.

Mr. Lawrence left Boeing in 1991 to continue his education at the Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management where he earned a masters of management in manufacturing in 1993. Mr. Lawrence also completed the International Executive Programme at INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France/Singapore) in 2002.


John O. Lawrence, Chief Operating Officer - CytoViva, Inc.

John O. Lawrence

Chief Operating Officer

John O. Lawrence is the chief operating officer and co-founder of CytoViva, Inc. Mr. Lawrence is a senior executive with extensive experience in start-up companies, as well as medium to large sized operations. Mr. Lawrence’s primary responsibilities include managing the company’s accounting, legal, administrative, human resources, facilities and information systems efforts. In addition to his role at CytoViva, Mr. Lawrence also serves as the chief operating officer of Aetos Technologies, Inc and Eagle Aquaculture, Inc.

Prior to joining CytoViva and Aetos, Mr. Lawrence was executive director of sales systems and operations at Andrx Laboratories in Weston, FL. Prior to Andrx, he served as vice president of Redundant Networks in Jackson, MS with responsibilities for customer operations. Mr. Lawrence also previously served as manager of technical support and customer service for SkyTel, then a subsidiary of MCI. Prior to SkyTel, Mr. Lawrence served as assistant director of alumni and college relations for Millsaps College in Jackson, MS. Mr. Lawrence holds a BLS degree in sociology and anthropology from Millsaps College.

Byron Cheatham, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing - CytoViva, Inc.

Byron Cheatham

Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Mr. Cheatham has over 35 years of leadership experience as a technology development entrepreneur across multiple industries. Since 2005, he has led CytoViva’s product application and market development efforts for the company’s advanced microscopy and hyperspectral imaging technologies. During this time, he has overseen the deployment of these advanced microscopy systems into hundreds of the leading  nanotechnology and biology research laboratories worldwide. In addition, Mr. Cheatham is a patent holder related to ongoing advancements in CytoViva’s nanoscale optical technology, working in concert with the company’s product development staff and other senior leadership.

Prior to his role at CytoViva, Mr. Cheatham successfully served in senior leadership roles for numerous entrepreneurial technology development organizations. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University, where he began his career as a soil and water biochemistry research technician.

James Beach Ph.D, Director of Technology Department - CytoViva, Inc.

James Beach, Ph.D

Director, Technology Department

Dr. James Beach brings over eighteen years of experience in imaging systems to direct CytoViva’s hyperspectral systems development program.  Dr. Beach, who joined CytoViva in 2008, led the initial development and deployment of CytoViva’s first hyperspectral imaging product offering.  As director of technology development, Dr. Beach leads the effort to create new imaging and analysis capabilities for the CytoViva product line.

In 2000, Dr. Beach co-founded an ophthalmic imaging company located in Reykjavik, Iceland, which markets a retinal oxygen monitoring camera system based on his original work at the University of Virginia.  Over the past decade, he has been involved in the miniaturization of hyperspectral detector systems under NASA-sponsored research programs at the Stennis Space Center, and has contributed to NIH-funded eye research as an adjunct research professor at the Louisiana State University Eye Center in New Orleans, LA.  Dr. Beach received a Space Foundation Hall of Fame award in 2005 for his contributions to portable hyperspectral imaging systems.

At CytoViva, Dr. Beach is actively involved in extending the range of applications for hyperspectral microscopy, including both visible and near infrared spectral imaging, three-dimensional volume imaging, and spectral analysis methods for nanoparticle characterization.

Dr. Beach earned his bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering in 1971 and master of science degree in bioengineering in 1976, both from the University of Michigan.  He earned his doctoral degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Virginia in 1983.


Jamie Uertz, Senior Manager, Technology Development and Support - CytoViva, Inc.

Jamie Uertz

Senior Manager, Technology Development and Support

Jamie currently serves as senior manager of technology development and support and joined CytoViva in 2006 as a customer sales and service representative. Over the past six years, Jamie has been instrumental in the development of CytoViva’s optical microscopy and hyperspectral imaging analysis efforts. Jamie graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor of science degree in zoology in 1999, where he also served as a research assistant in the Biological Services Department.


Andrew Liu

Senior Software and Product Developer

Andrew first served as a software consultant to CytoViva in 2017 and has since joined the team as Senior Software and Product Developer. In this role, he focuses on the design, development, testing, and implementation of software. He coordinates on-site installations and also facilitates and integrates products in the microscopy ecosystem. Andrew first attended college at Louisiana State University. Finding more interest in software, he later attended and graduated from ITT Technical Institute with a degree in Software Development.


Carroll Rhea, Sales Operations Manager - CytoViva, Inc.

Carroll Rhea

Sales Operations Manager

Carroll graduated from Auburn University in 2013 with a bachelor of science degree in human resource management and a minor in supply chain management. In her role as sales operations manager, her responsibilities include shipping and receiving, product/system assembly, routing and coordination, and maintaining and supporting vendor relationships.


Ray Eby, Midwestern Regional Sales Manager - CytoViva, Inc.

Ray Eby

Midwestern Regional Sales Manager

Ray Eby obtained his degrees in the field of geology, having received his Ph.D. at the University of New Mexico in 1992, studying radiation effects in mineral structures under ion bombardment.  This work included focus in materials science, microscopy, geology, and mineralogy.  After starting a post-doc at the University of Toronto, studying newly emerging AFM methods, Ray began his professional career as an applications scientist for TopoMetrix, an equipment manufacturer of SPM systems.

Twenty years later, his career has evolved from serving in a more technical capacity within technology companies, to being a manufacturer’s sales representative for a broad spectrum of new technology companies, including particle analysis (NanoSight), fluorescence spectroscopy (FCS and FLIM), Raman-AFM, semiconductor F/A, nanomanipulation inside an SEM, nano-IR, and SPM derived products.  Ray’s recent experiences with NanoSight were primarily focused in the areas of Life Science Research and Pharma R&D.  Ray’s current role as Midwestern regional sales manager  at CytoViva is a natural extension of his previous experiences in microscopy, spectroscopy, and particle analysis. 


Eric Wietstruk, Marketing Support Specialist - CytoViva, Inc.

Eric Wietstruk

Marketing Support Specialist

Eric joined CytoViva in 2016 after spending 8 years in the U.S. Air Force as an aircraft maintenance technician and unit program coordinator. He currently provides marketing and sales support to the team and is studying aerospace engineering at Auburn University.