Can we know the scattering efficiency of our samples?

Hyperspectral Microscope General Discussion Can we know the scattering efficiency of our samples?

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    I have a question about the scattering effiency of our samples. Can the system measure the nº of photons scattered from the photons that have incised? How can we obtain this information?

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    The relative efficiencies of light scatter from different samples in fluid suspension using dark field illumination can be known by comparing the amplitude of the recorded spectrum at different wavelengths. To do this successfully the illumination cannot change between samples.

    If samples are on a solid background, efficiencies can be found by first illuminating a spectrally neutral target such as a spectralon ninety nine percent light reflectance standard. A dark field objective should be used so that only light scattered at an angle is recorded. The light guide will go to the back of the reflectance neck and connect with an adapter. The microscope is focused on the spectralon surface and spectrum is recorded. Then replace the spectralon with the surface containing the sample and scan again. Use the same exposure times for both recordings if possible, or adjust your measurement for the change in exposure time. This will show the sample’s light scatter efficiency versus wavelength.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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